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The Golden Rule ROCKS!

     It started off with a simple conversation with my Life Skills class about values. What is important to us? What drives our decision-making and our goal-setting? The common thread was that it is good to be nice to others and it feels nice when others are nice to us. We started talking about the Chenango County Rocks project. And as simple as our conversation started, so was the premise behind this project- design a rock, place the rock somewhere (in the community) for someone else to enjoy!…to put a smile on someone’s face. I do not think anyone would argue that we could use more smiles… more kindness. From my small class of four students, I opened it up to all of my Health classes and the results were beautiful…I encouraged students to not limit themselves to one rock because you never know how important one rock could be to someone else.

Keep it simple… Just be kind… Make the world a better place.