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Lifeguard Training: Pool Orientation and Pre-requisite Swim

 Afton Central School Pool

Orientation and Pre-requisite Swim

          6:30 pm on May 15, 201
Call Afton Adult Education to register @ 639-2811


Pre-requisite swim is a 300 yard swim using breast stroke, crawl stroke and rhythmic breathing, two minute treading water with legs only, and a timed swim to retrieve a 10 pound weight.

**Persons wishing open water need a 550 yard swim, all listed above, and an additional object retrieval/underwater swim.

This is a blended learning course requiring 19-24 skill hours in addition to 8+ hours on the computer.  Cost of the course is $200.

which includes a CPR mask, whistle and fanny pack.  Class times will be 6:00-9:00 pm, Monday, Wednesday and at least

one Saturday through early June.

For questions about the course, call Lila Harris at 607 624-5824.